Disregarding the risks which businesses are subject to represents the first and the most important step towards bankruptcy, or, in the case of acquisitions, fusions or capital investment, towards financial losses.
An efficient risk management represents a condition to business success.
For your company or for you personally, as entrepreneur, CONSULTANŢĂ & INVESTIGAŢII FINANCIARE represents the supplier of efficient solutions for a real BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE.
In the nowadays business environment, BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE is not an option, it is a necessity.


Because WE LOOK BEYOND APPEARANCES and thus we can help you make the best business decisions.

CONSULTANŢĂ & INVESTIGAŢII FINANCIARE offers integrated consultancy and financial investigations solutions in at least 6 areas of interest, under strict confidentiality conditions.


An adequate litigation management represents an essential element to business efficiency, considering the multitude of those states of facts which are not in the least agreeable to companies and can trigger the most destructive effects in what the financial situations are concerned.

    With this aim:
  • we identify the best solutions for the most efficient management of litigation throughout their existence
  • we offer solutions to extreme and complex situations which are unfavorable and sometimes even desperate for a company
  • we assure top management in analyzing and solving various litigations that our clients’ companies confront with, offering documentation and juridical representation by our teams of lawyers, having administrated litigations that rise to a total of over EUR 1 billion only in the past year


The international statistics states that a faulty management of business associated risks makes only 5 out of 10 businesses to get through their first year of activity and just 1 out of these 5 to reach its 5th year of activity.

    Our company offers you:
  • analysis and evaluations necessary to the successful implantation of foreign investments in Romania, including specialized assistance
  • business information, at national an international level, in order to avoid financial losses by preventing inefficient investments
  • identifying business associated risks regarding acquisitions, fusions, or any other type of investments, that requires real and complete knowledge regarding the economic, financial legal situation of the business, in order to prevent capital losses
  • protection of the company’s financial interests by means of an efficient management of the risks to which it is subject and by avoiding implications in inefficient, unprofitable contracts or transactions
  • risk analyses for financers with a view to avoid exposure to nonperformance
  • counterattacking the hostile actions of disloyal competency aimed against the financial interests of your company
  • financial investigations services for the analyses and evaluation of business plans and feasibility studies presented for investments or other associate operations
  • assistance in setting up advantageous contracts and in avoiding inefficient transactions including those in the insurances and reinsurances field
  • supplying economic, financial, juridical or marketing business information from our data bases with a view to the right market positioning
  • opportunity analyses, market studies, marketing research


The need of certainty in the business field becomes urgent, maximizing profits and minimizing losses representing a fundamental strategic objective.

    Our company offers:
  • assistance in the management of transaction
  • analyses and evaluations of the business position on the market, upstream and downstream market studies, implications in the company’s proper activity
  • support in the unfolding of the companies’ activities with a high degree of difficulty that need specialized business assistance, in order to make the respective economic and financial operations efficient
  • the qualitative analysis of the executive managers for the owners – companies’ shareholders, in order to determine the way in which they manage the company’s capital
  • the analysis of the decisions taken by the General Assembly of the Shareholders, the Administration Board, The Management Board and the way these decisions are implemented by the Executive Management (the decisions’ inventory, the necessity and opportunity analysis of the decisions and also of their consequences, the decisions’ influences over the profit/loss account)
  • the qualitative analysis of the clients/suppliers agreements
  • the analysis of the way the banking, commercial, fiscal credits or the shareholders credits have been used
  • the analysis of receivables/debts
  • the analysis of patrimonial impact litigations
  • the analysis of the compensations, penalties, fines received for various financial operations which were not effectuated on time


    Our company offers you:
  • the diagnosis of your company
  • applying financial and non financial analysis methods, including the “Z” techniques of identifying bankruptcy, but also the PEST, SWOT techniques and ARGENTI, so as to determine the company’s weak points and reorganize its activity so as to maximize its profit and to minimize its losses
  • implementing the managerial instruments of efficient management for your company
  • implementing the marketing mix, by superior and efficient techniques of enlarging the segment of consumers and making it loyal
  • assistance in externalizing assets or activities
  • assistance in unfolding the procedures of saving the company from pre-bankruptcy situations


    Our company offers you:
  • identification of the capital fluxes necessary to various investment projects, at the most advantageous costs and on reasonable periods of time
  • identification of the most efficient operations of placing the financial resources in business, assets (real estate or not, etc.), with high profitability for the investor


An inadequate receivables management, especially in the field of their recovery, can produce malfunctions to the efficiency of the company and even economic and financial blockage.

    With this aim:
  • we insure analysis and evaluation of the receivables portfolio, presentation of various solutions for receivables recovery, at a value equal or near to their nominal actual value
  • we offer assistance in the development of recovery procedures
  • in situations of judicial reorganization or bankruptcy, we offer specialized assistance in the view to maximize the process of making the assets liquid or repositioning the company on the market, when the situation permits it

CONSULTANŢĂ & INVESTIGAŢII FINANCIARE guarantees all its clients that resort to our services the choice of the alternative that will assure success, both through our consultants specialized in commercial, economic and financial and fiscal issues, as well as through the lawyers we collaborate with.