About Ionel Blanculescu

CONSULTANŢĂ & INVESTIGAŢII FINANCIARE (CONSULTANCY & FINANCIAL INVESTIGATIONS), created in the BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE spirit, represents the result of 32 years of activity of the company’s President, IONEL BLĂNCULESCU, in the fields: analysis, finance-banks, business, and last but not least, the governmental field.

An economist, specialized in financial management, expert assessor, FBI attested in fighting against financial crime, one of the founders, in Romania, of the legislation and methodology concerning the prevention and fight against money laundering, multiple training and documentation in the European Union states, especially in France and Great Britain, are only a few features, from a professional viewpoint, of the company’ president.

    The last 5 years of his career, spent in the governmental field, as Romanian Government member on positions as:
  • Counselor, manager, general manager of the Agency of Banking Assets Resolution
  • State Secretary of the Office of Banking Debts Recovery (ORCB)
  • President of the Authority of Banking Assets Resolution (AVAB)
  • Minister Delegate for the Coordination of Governmental Control Authorities
  • Interim Minister of Health represent a very important reference point of the company’s President career
    He has handled 3 very important domains of maximum responsibility and difficulty:
  • the State debts recovery field, at a value of over 4 billion USD, due to over 4,000 companies
  • the control field from Romania, coordinating the governmental control authorities and supervising more than 13,000 employees
  • the public health control field, with a medication market, sanitary products and medical services of over 2 billion USD

With a vast experience and expertise accumulated in commercial suits, in the previously occupied positions, especially as President of AVAB, in all Law instances: Court, Tribunal, Court of Appeal, High Court of Cassation and Justice, he has managed more than 5,000 such cases, with a success rate of more than 95%.

Since April 2012 he holds the position of Secretary General in the Business Advisory Council of the Prime Minister along with 26 other personalities of the business world.
CONSULTANŢĂ & INVESTIGAŢII FINANCIARE offers you the concept BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE - a Mark of Performance - because your company’s Performance represents the fundamental objective of CIF activity.