About Ionel Blanculescu

CONSULTANŢĂ & INVESTIGAŢII FINANCIARE (CONSULTANCY & FINANCIAL INVESTIGATIONS) , created in the BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE spirit, represents the result of 32 years of activity of the company’s President, IONEL BLĂNCULESCU, in the fields: analysis, finance-banks, business, and last but not least, the governmental field. An economist, specialized in financial management, expert assessor, FBI attested in fighting against financial crime, one of the founders, in Romania, of the legislation and methodology concerning the prevention and fight against money laundering, multiple training and documentation in the European Union states, especially in France and Great Britain, are only a few features, from a professional viewpoint, of the company’ president.
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Disregarding the risks which businesses are subject to represents the first and the most important step towards bankruptcy, or, in the case of acquisitions, fusions or capital investment, towards financial losses. An efficient risk management represents a condition to business success. For your company or for you personally, as entrepreneur, CONSULTANŢĂ & INVESTIGAŢII FINANCIARE represents the supplier of efficient solutions for a real BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE. In the nowadays business environment, BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE is not an option, it is a necessity. WHY US AND NOT OTHERS? Because WE LOOK BEYOND APPEARANCES and thus we can help you make the best business decisions.
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